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Delighting our customers with our excellent performance, we have cemented our status as a top figure in the industry. As a Supplier and Exporter, we proudly present Load Cell Indicator to our customers. We undergo a thorough process of vendor selection to make certain we procure from the vendors who never fall short of delivering constant and excellent quality. Our load cell indicator is known for its precise design, durability and high performance.


Applications :

  • Peak load indicator for testing machines
  • High precision load cell indicator, scales
  • Display unit kg, lb , kN


  • 1,000,000 internal division
  • 600,000 external division setting
  • A/D updates at 40 times/second
  • Display 7 digits 0.5 " Red LED
  • Fast Peak Load Capture -Negative and Positive, Average Peak
  • Zero /Span Calibration
  • 5 Point Linear Calibration
  • Switchable display conversion unit 1.0, 2.0, 2.2046, 9.8066, 0.737, 8.845, 10,2, 0.102
  • Printout units kg, g, lb, N, kN, Nm, MPa
  • 2 Route RS232C – 3 format
  • 2 Set Point Alarm (Programmable - 3 zone)
  • Master –slave Link upto 27 indicators
  • 4 decimal place, zero tracking, dynamic filter setting
  • Serial Printer output - Printouts option